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Why to rent a server using a rental server service?
Arvic Search Services Inc owner of RentAServer.ca, provides Windows Servers Rental and Linux servers using the server virtualization, creating Virtual Servers, dedicated servers for dedicated hosting or shared hosting.

Why Rent A Server?

There are many reasons and benefits of using Rent A Server, not the least of which are cost and administration.
  • Rental server or rent server is an environmentally healthy choice running your own server. Environmentally Healthy

    The use of a Rent A Server solution is an environmentally healthy choice when it comes to computer usage. The resources of most servers and desktops today are utilized on the average of 8-15% of the time they are powered on, yet most server hardware consumes 60-90% of the normal workload power,even when idle. Much of the total resources on many servers are never used.

    The addition of a new virtual server does not increase power consumption. Rent A Server's existing hardware configuration is very energy efficient as the power consumption is divided amongst many servers, relatively the same power consumption a single standalone server would consume.

    There is also the concern of equipment disposal. As your hardware becomes outdated and replaced, the older equipment must be disposed of. This is rapidly becoming a greater and greater issue with our environment.

    As there is no hardware with a virtual server, there is no disposal involved. Rent A Server utilizes its outdated equipment for as long as possible by relegating it to perform less mission critical tasks (ie. backup, storage and disaster recovery) or within our corporate structure where the need for higher end equipment is not a neccessity.

  • Cheap Dedicated server using a virtual server machine. No capital cost of hardware

    It's a matter of Dollars and Sense. The biggest initial cost of any server solution is the physical hardware itself. Although a basic server may start around $3000, proper equipment purchasing to meet your requirements can range far into the 10's of thousands of dollars. It is also not always feasible to purchase a very limited resource server and expand it as your needs require. This can often double or triple your initial investment.

    With a Rent A Server solution, we insure state of the art hardware is made available to our clients as we are able to distribute the overall investment made on hardware purchases. Our equipment is the top of the line hardware and we are continually updating and upgrading it to the highest quality the market has to offer. You can be assured that our hardware is always in line with the highest industry standards and will provide you with the resources you need for years to come.

  • No additional cost of peripheral hardware

    In order to protect your investment into your server hardware, you also require support hardware or peripherals. These include items such as firewalls, routers, data storage arrays and UPS' (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)

    With Rent A Server, all of these peripherals are included in our hardware configuration and provide our customers the security, connectivity, storage and 'up-time' that is crucial to many businesses.

  • Renting servers for your own hosting or have a dedicated hosting. No need for hardware administration

    Regular or even incidental hardware administration is a must. This involves skilled technicians which come at a price.

    At Rent A Server, we provide a full range of technical support during business hours and emergency response technicians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We perform regular routine hardware maintenance to insure any forseen issues are taken care of before they become a problem.

  • Redundancy of equipment and disaster recovery

    Having duplicate or redundant equipment available is a neccessity to providing uninterrupted service. If you have a single stand alone server, you risk being out of commission if it fails. Having a spare server sitting idle can be a costly waste of money and resources.

    At Rent A Server, all of our hardware has redundancy built into it. We provide for a failover contingency with spare and hotfix components to reduce or eliminate any possible down time.

  • Easily expandable solutions to meet your needs

    When purchasing your own server it is very difficult to purchase an initial small hardware configuration and easily or cost effectively expand it as growth of your business or project requires.

    At Rent A Server, we provide the resources you require now and allow for easy, rapid and very cost effective expansion as you need it. All this without major interruptions of service and generally completed within minutes, not hours.

  • Full control of your server

    With Rent A Server, you have full control of that server. You can install any software applications you require. You can even go as far as turning the server off or rebooting it whenever required. Dollar for dollar Rent A Server is the most cost effective and most efficient route to take where servers are involved.

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