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Arvic Search Services Inc owner of, provides Windows Servers Rental and Linux servers using the server virtualization, creating Virtual Servers, dedicated servers for dedicated hosting or shared hosting.
Suggested Possible Uses
Although the possible uses of a Rent A Server solution are limitless, we have supplied a selection of common ones that may apply to your current and future needs.
  • Dedicated server hosting on virtual machine, configuration selection on our rent a server website. Offsite Data Storage

    Do you need a contingency for storing critical data, documents or files away from your main business location, that you can access easily and readily?

    A Rent A Server solution will provide you with that capability easily. Your server is totally secure with access available to only those individuals you decide on.

  • Dedicated servers used on virtual server machine. Internet Web Hosting

    Are you looking for the perfect way to host websites for all of your development clients. Make the hosting revenue by choosing a Rent A Server solution

    A Rent A Server solution is the perfect choice of hosting your own clients without the costly investment of servers or internet connections. Simply set up your operating system of choice for web hosting and you are ready to go.

  • Rent a server provides virtual machine like running your own server. Internet Mail Server

    Do you need an email server for your employees or clients?

    A Rent A Server solution can provide the systems solution for hosting your own mail server. No costly capital outlay is required for the server or internet connection to efficiently operate a mail server.

  • Rental Servers. Fall Back Information Server

    Is it critical that your information continuously get out to the business world?

    A Rent A Server solution will allow you to duplicate your existing server off site from the original. This allows you to quickly and easily get back online in the event your primary server fails.

  • Rental server available, apply on Online Development Server

    Do you need a facility to do distributed application development with the abillity to test online prior to being put into production?

    With a Rent A Server solution you are provided the ability to develop your applications or websites online. This solution allows you to test developments as they occur before being put into production.

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