VM, Co-location services offering rent a server service for your hosting.
Arvic Search Services Inc owner of RentAServer.ca, provides Windows Servers Rental and Linux servers using the server virtualization, creating Virtual Servers, dedicated servers for dedicated hosting or shared hosting.
Comparing Apples to Apples
You may wonder why the allocated resources for a Rent A Server VM Co-location are lower than what you see on a stand alone physical server.
  • Server virtualization when you rent a server on virtual machine. CPU (processor)

    We are able to allocate a lower processing speed due to two factors. The first being that most processors are very under utilized by the servers. The average server processor usage is 20-40% which translates to 400mhz - 800mhz cpu usage based on a 2.0ghz CPU. Secondly, the CPU usage can be spread across 8 or 16 individual CPU's which actually facilitates processing information at higher speeds.

  • Rent servers an options to have your own web server or virtual server at affordable price. Disk Space

    Most servers never utilize their disk space. Much of the total hard drive is never used and sits idly wasted. Our configurations provide you with what you need now and in the immediate future allowing for growth as required. You are not paying for those resources you may never use.

  • Rent Servers and have your dedicated server, use them for dedicated hosting on your own hosting server, a virtual server from rentAserver.ca RAM (memory)

    Memory or RAM allocation is provided as a base and bursts to what is required for the current task at hand. The base allocation indicates that amount of memory is reserved at all times and the burst level is what tasks may use as required if available from the overall memory pool. This keeps servers running at peak efficiency and the pool is something we continuously monitor to insure we have more than enough available to all task requirements.

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